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Desiree M - Boudoir - Humble & Pine Studio - Pataskala, OH

I received a message from a past client, and she wanted to book another session. Desiree told me that since our last session she's had a lot of health issues, and is finally feeling better. She went on to tell me that because of these issues she's lost a decent about of weight, and is still getting used to being much thinner. Doing a boudoir session is the perfect way to build that self-confidence, and to appreciate how truly beautiful you are. Desiree looked amazing for our first session, so I knew she would look just as amazing for this second session. Of course she didn't disappoint! We worked through several different outfits and poses, and Desiree crushed it looking absolutely gorgeous!

For this session I booked the Humble & Pine Studio located in Pataskala, OH. This studio is designed to be mostly a natural light studio. It has two large, all glass, garage doors on each end  to let as much light in as possible. I've used this studio before, but not in the summer time. It does have heat, but for some reason they don't have an air conditioning unit to help cool the studio. There is a very large ceiling fan, and you can open the garage doors to help circulate the air. However, even though we started in the morning, and had the fan running along with the doors open at times, it still heated up to almost 80 degrees inside. I do like this studio, but until they add an air conditioning unit, I would only recommend using this studio when the outside temperature is under 70 degrees.

Desiree was kind enough to allow me to share some of the images from our session. If you're interested in trying a boudoir session, just reach out and we'll get it scheduled.

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