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Jen & Jordan - Wedding - Little Brook Meadows - Lancaster, OH

Rich and I headed down to Lancaster, OH to capture Jen & Jordan's Wedding. As soon as we pulled in we knew there was something special about the Little Brook Meadows Wedding Venue. We grabbed our gear and headed over to the house to meet up with our Bride. After talking with Jen, Rich headed out to meet up with the groom and groomsmen, and headed over to the reception area to get some photos of the details. I stayed with Jen while she finished getting ready, and once she had her dress on, I took a few images of her in the suite, and around the house.

I met back up with Rich and we discussed our game plan to capture the ceremony. We are always aware of each others location throughout the day. We do our best to stay out of each others way, while we're photographing. We work so well together that I know where he's heading next, and can position myself to get the shot without including him in it, or being in his way.

The ceremony went well, and we continued shooting throughout the day. We were able to get the formals done before the reception, allowing us to focus on our couple and guest the rest of the time. We were able to pull Jen & Jordan aside a couple of times to capture some of our creative shots. The lighting was amazing in this barn, and we could be more happy with how the images turned out.

Little Brook Meadows Review - Lancaster, OH

This venue is a large barn with stalls down the sides. They do have a full service kitchen attached to it, and there was plenty of room for the guest. They have these lighted globes hanging from the ceiling that you're able to change the color of the lights, and that makes for some amazing pictures. One of the stalls is setup as a "props" room that is filled with different items that you can wear for pictures. It seemed to be a big hit with everyone. Overall I would highly recommend this venue to anyone looking for a barn style wedding. They have a house on the property that's used for the wedding party to get ready. Rich and I would jump at the chance to shoot here again.

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