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Maggie L. - Boudoir - Kismet Studio - Delaware, OH

After meeting Maggie at one of the bridal shows, we ended up booking her wedding. She was going to be doing a trial run with the Hair & Makeup Artist, so Maggie reached out and wanted to schedule a Boudoir session the same day. After getting her H&MU done, she met me up at the beautiful Kismet Studio in downtown Delaware. This is one of the primary studios I use for Boudoir. One of her outfits included her actual vail she'd be wearing in her wedding, and I loved the images from that set. We ended up doing a few more sets before wrapping things up.

Kismet Studio Review

This is a second floor studio located in downtown Delaware. It has a bed, claw foot tub, couch, and a few chairs and stools that you can use. One of my favorites items is the full length mirror. The large windows allow for natural light. It's a small space, but there's a lot that can be done. I would highly recommend this studio to any photographers that are looking to do a similar style session. Booking is done online, and is very user friendly.

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