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Taylor's Sexy Spooky Session - Studio 55 - Columbus, OH

I was contacted by Taylor to do a spooky session that she plans to post for Halloween. We still had almost two months until the holiday, but because of our busy schedules we wanted to go ahead and knock out the session. Taylor picked up a couple of outfits, I grabbed my equipment, and we met at Studio 55. For this session I mainly used two lights, but added a third just to get a little more detail at times. I used Atmosphere Aerosol Haze Spray in the background to simulate the fog. Included with these photos is a behind the scenes image showing my setup.

Studio 55 Review

Studio 55 is  in downtown Columbus on Spring St. It is located on the second floor, but there is a small freight elevator that can be used to get your gear up there. They do provide a wide range of lighting and modifiers if you don't have your own, hair & makeup station, backgrounds, vflats, and props. Overall I really liked this studio, and would recommend it to the photography community. Below is a link to their Instagram page.

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